How To Vape Without Having A Cough

How To Vape Without Having A Cough

Vaping has grown in popularity recently, and many individuals enjoy it daily.

However, some people discover that vaping causes them to cough; in this article, we'll look at why this is and how to vape without coughing.


Why Does Vaping Make Me Cough?

When you breathe in something that makes your lungs hurt, like dust, fumes, or vapours, you cough. The usual way for your body to protect you from harm is to cough. Your body will react automatically when you cough, and you can't stop it. The muscles in your chest and belly will work to clear the mucus out of your lungs. 

To help you stop coughing so much, you should write down what's making you cough so you can find the fastest way to prevent it from happening again. 


If you cough when you vape, here are some reasons why:


  • You Inhale Too Much Air
  • You inhale a lot of vapour when you take huge puffs, which is more common among inexperienced vapers. This may irritate your throat, particularly if you inhale directly into your mouth. Excessive puffing is more prevalent among new vapers, although it can still affect experts as well.


  • You Lack Hydration
  • Due to the propylene glycol and nicotine in vapes, you may experience dehydration or a dry throat, especially if you're a first-time user. These two substances have the potential to create dry or painful throats as well as thirst. You're more prone to have a coughing fit if you have a dry throat or slight dehydration. 


  • You've Just Started Vaping
  • If you're new to vaping, this is one of the most frequent causes of coughing fits during the experience. This is probably because the vapours are unfamiliar to your lungs, so you cough to get rid of them. But eventually, as your body adjusts to the vapours, the episodes of coughing stop.


    How to Inhale Vape Smoke Without Coughing?

    There are plenty of vape tricks you can do to make things better if you're having problems vaping without coughing. Usually, you need to make minimal adjustments, so let's look at some of the options.


  • Switch to a less-nicotine vape juice
  • Some people can cough when they use vape juices that have a lot of nicotine in them.

    To put this another way, trying juices with less nicotine might help you cough less. If you need to, you can move on to juices with more nicotine as you get used to smoking them.

    To switch things up, you could try nicotine-free vape juices if you're not vaping to quit smoking.


  • Make your puffs smaller
  • If you want to stop coughing when you vape, one easy thing you can do is take smaller puffs.

    People who smoke or used to smoke often want to take big puffs when they start vaping because they think they're used to it.

    However, vaping is not the same as smoking, and people are often surprised when a big puff makes them cough uncontrollably.

    Instead, taking smaller puffs can make you feel much better. Once you're more experienced, you can work up to bigger puffs if you want to.


  • Select an MTL vaporizer over a DTL one
  • When people smoke cigarettes, they usually take in the smoke through their mouths first. When people vape, they have two choices: MTL and DTL.

    If you breathe smoke into your mouth before you swallow, that's the same thing as taking an MTL.

    Now, DTL stands for "Direct To Lung," which means you breathe in the vapour directly into your lungs without first holding it in your mouth.

    A lot of experienced vapers like the DTL method, but people who used to smoke or are new to vaping may find it strange, and a lot of people say it makes them cough.

    If your DTL vape makes you cough, moving to an MTL vape might be easy.


  • Change the flavour
  • Some vapers may cough when they taste flavours like menthol or lemon. Some vape juice brands may also make you cough if you are allergic to other ingredients in the flavourings.

    If you want to stop coughing when you vape, you might only need to switch to a different flavour or type of bar juice.


  • Take longer intervals between puffs
  • People who smoke a lot or used to smoke quickly may also try to do the same thing when they vape. But vaping quickly without giving yourself enough time to breathe between puffs will also make you cough.

    Once more, the answer is simple: wait a little longer between puffs. This could be all that you have to do to stop breathing.

    This might be strange at first. Ultimately, the cigarette will burn out if you wait a long time between puffs. Smoking isn't a problem, though; getting used to it is part of the learning process.


  • Change the vape you use
  • You might also be coughing because of your vape device, so you might want to change that.

    One example of this could be that you cough a lot because you have a robust sub-ohm mod vape that is made to make big clouds of vapour.

    These more complicated vaping gadgets can be complex for new users to use correctly, so going with something simpler might be a better choice.


  • Switch out your coil
  • People who are new to vaping often forget to change their coils, which can be a problem.

    But you need to do this often because coils get dirty and plugged up quickly, making your vape less enjoyable and causing you to cough.

    The frequency of coil changes will rely on how often you vape. For most people, coil changes should happen every two weeks and no more than once a month.


  • Drink a lot of water
  • One way to stop breathing is to ensure that you drink a lot of water before, during, and after each vape. This is because both PG and VG leave your mouth and throat dry.

    This will keep your throat and mouth moist, making you cough and feel irritated less often.


    The Bottom Line

    When you vape, it's normal to cough, and once you get used to it, it stops quickly.

    But if you find that you keep coughing, it's usually just a matter of making minor changes to how to vape or the tools you use. Once you do that, you'll be able to enjoy vaping without having to cough all the time.

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