Collection: Buy Premium Vape E-liquid in the UK

Every vaper knows the importance of an e-liquid. It’s why you really vape. At Astro Vape, we have a stunning e-liquid range that no one can compete with. With e-liquids from the best brands, such as Vapour, Seriously Nice, Riot Squad, and PUNX, we have an ever-growing collection to satisfy you. 

Whether you want a rejuvenating fresh menthol or a delectably sweet, fruity flavour, our store has the perfect e-liquid vape for you. Astro Vape works hard to offer the latest and the highest quality range of e-liquids. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, seasoned, or on a budget; the collection here will take care of all your vaping needs and fantasies.

What is an E-Liquid?

Also called vape juice and vape liquid, e-liquid is a carefully blended fluid in your vape kit. These liquids produce vapour that you inhale. The e-liquids have vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol; some may have nicotine. Vape kits of all kinds use e-liquid, be it disposables or pod kits.

What Makes for a Great E-Liquid?

A good vape e-liquid in the UK has a careful mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin to produce a fulfilling vapour and an amazing taste. These liquids don’t have excessive sweetener, mainly because such e-liquids reduce the longevity of the coils. An ideal ratio has either a 50/50 blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol or a 70/30 blend.

At Astro Vape, you also get two free Nic shots with certain brands e-liquids of certain brands. Choose any type of flavour you desire and get ready for an exceptional vaping experience!

Which E-liquid Vape Should I Choose?

Vaping makes you spoilt for choice! There are simply so many flavours and flavour profiles available that it can seem confusing to pick one up. But the best choice is always the one that’s based on your own vaping preferences. 

If you have a weakness for all things sweet, Astro Vape’s range of confectionary-flavoured e-liquids, such as black currant, butterscotch, and blue raspberry, will satisfy you like no other. For lovers of menthol cigarettes, we recommend our ice menthol and ice-flavored e-liquid range. 

There is simply no end to the flavours in our store. Our premium collection of e-liquids will make you want to try a new one every time you check out our product category. 

Why Astro Vape?

Astro Vape is an industry leader in the UK that stores e-liquids with the highest quality ingredients. Every e-liquid in our store is TPD compliant and made with proper manufacturing practices. They are entirely safe for use. 

We offer the largest range of e-liquids in the UK at cheap, affordable prices. Not only that, but we also provide free delivery on orders over Euro 20 and free 24-hour tracked delivery on orders above Euro 40. If you are in Milton Keynes or Buckingham and place your order before 3 PM, we will deliver it on the same day!

When you shop at Astro Vape, be confident of receiving highly responsive customer support. Either email us or chat with our support staff.