What is Vape and How to Vape Properly?

What is Vape and How to Vape Properly?

There are many reasons why you might want to stop smoking and stay away from cigarette smoke. It's essential that you find the right one. Perhaps the cost of your habit is too high, or you are worried about how cigarettes are affecting your health.

Forgetting rid of these dangerous chemicals from your body will require some courage. In this blog, we will discuss what is vaping, how to do it, and the right way to ingest a vape below.

What is Vaping?

A vape is a device that turns an e-liquid vape into one you breathe in. This lets you breathe in nicotine mist instead of smoke. Vapes are different from regular cigarettes and other tobacco products because they don't burn tobacco. This means they don't make carbon monoxide or tar, which are the two most harmful chemicals. Instead, they heat an e-liquid with flavours that dissolve in water, glycerine (to help make a lot of vapes), and propylene glycol (to make it feel like smoking). To really make vapes feel and work like cigarettes, a lot of them also have nicotine in them. 

Things You Should Know Before You Vape

You should know what is vape smoke before you put your lips on the tip. E-cigarettes, disposable vapes, and rechargeable vapes all use the same method.

An atomizer heats the e-juice and turns it into vapour. A vape mod is the battery that powers the coil.

If your power and vapour sources differ, it will change your experience and how you absorb them. This part goes over the details of each part and how to use this knowledge to pick a good vape.

  • The Power Source

The majority of vapes run on lithium-ion batteries in one way or another. This comprises:

  • Mods for boxes
  • Pens for vaping
  • Mods for tubes
  • Vape Pods
  • Electronic cigarettes

Although the term "mod" pays homage to the pioneering vapers who used torch batteries to modify their power source, we now have various options with varying features and pricing points.

The amount of power they offer is the primary distinction. Distinct power levels correspond to the device's usability and functionality.

The low-power mods found in pens, pods, and e-cigarettes are very simple to use and don't require any prior knowledge to handle safely. The majority won't offer power scaling, though some might be rechargeable. They're just sufficient to give you a nicotine rush.

Box mods, tube mods, and all-in-one devices require medium power sources. Before using them securely, you should have some experience or, at the very least, read the instructions. They are typically rechargeable. These vape systems may offer up to 100 watts of customisable power.

Only mechanical and box mods should use high-power power sources. These are things you should handle with experience. They have a power capacity of more than 200 watts and require stronger rechargeable batteries (18650, 20700, and 21700).

The Vapor Source

Your vape will hold e-liquid in a coil or tank. At the mod's connection, this chamber has a resistance heating element (usually a metal coil), an absorbent wick, and your juice.

When you take a hit, the coil burns the liquid on the wick, turning it into the smoke-like vapour you breathe in. Every vape setup will need a new coil at some point. It won't run out, but the juice will change the taste over time, making the experience less than ideal.

When buying a vape system, consider how you want to keep your best vape juice inside.

  • Pre-filled pods, cartridges, and cartomizers are handy and portable. They require less maintenance because you replace all of the atomizer's parts with each pod, but they cost more and generate more waste in the long term. They are usually limited to a specific system.
  • Refillable atomizers are helpful for numerous applications. More advanced systems, such as sub-ohm tanks, include changeable coils, whereas pods, carts, and some cartomizers require replacement after a few refills.
  • Rebuildable tanks demand extra effort when inserting wicks and coils, but you can reuse them for as long as you like. These atomizers are commonly identified by an "R" at the start of their acronym (e.g., RDA, RTA, RDTA).

Which Juice to Use

The juice you use affects both how much power you need and how you inhale from your vaporizer.

First and foremost, the amount of nicotine. In general, you're considering:

  • Higher nicotine concentration (12 to 60 mg) in devices with lower power
  • Moderately high nicotine content (6–12 mg) in low–medium power gadgets
  • Low nicotine concentration in high-power devices (0–6 mg)

If you want impacts to happen faster, you'll need a device with less power. Some of these systems are one-of-a-kind, and they might limit what you can do with your vape besides inhaling.

For fun vaping, more minor nicotine levels are best, but you can always use a device with adjustable power to meet all your needs.

Which Device to Use?

If you intend to pursue more advanced inhalation methods and vape tricks, invest in high-quality equipment from a recognised manufacturer, preferably a beginning kit.

Disposable vapes, such as those from SPIRIT Vape, will get you started and fulfil your desires, but there is little opportunity for advancement. Brands such as Spiritbar Vape provide high-quality disposable vapes that are ideal for novices searching for convenience and ease of usage.

However, a customisable, reusable device provides more options for individuals who want to proceed to more advanced vaping techniques.

We recommend starting with a kit that includes everything you need but allows you to adjust as needed. Check that your kit is appropriate for the juice you'll be using (e.g., nicotine or cannabis), read all instructions, and watch review videos for additional information.

Considerations for Vape Inhalation

  • How to Inhale Vapour from Mouth to Lung
  • Mouth-to-lung inhalation is most effective with smaller vapes, higher resistance coils, and higher nicotine content. This approach is most like smoking a cigarette, and it's effective for those who are moving from smoking to vapes.

    From a vape to MTL:

    • Hold down the button on your vape pen and take a few deep breaths of the vapour.
    • Let go of the button and keep the vapour in your mouth for a few more seconds.
    • Take a deep breath in through your mouth and out through your throat. Do not swallow.
    • Let out a breath.
  • How to Take a Direct Breath of Vapour
  • Breathing indirectly through the lungs works best for bigger vapes, coils with less resistance, and low nicotine levels. It takes more work to breathe in vape this way, and most people cough the first time they try it.

    It feels looser to inhale with DL. To carry out this:

    • To use your vape, press the button and quickly breathe in the vapour. Do not hold it in your mouth at all.
    • Exhale almost right away.

    The Bottom Line

    "Right," vaping is very relative and depends on the person. There are many different ways to vape, so you can find one that meets your needs. Learning what is vapor smoking, how to do it right, and how it works will give you the best chance of keeping up the habit.

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