What's The Difference Between Disposable and Prefilled Vapes?

What's The Difference Between Disposable and Prefilled Vapes?

When it comes to vaping, there are various types of devices available, each with its own advantages and considerations. You should understand the difference between disposable and prefilled vapes, which is essential for choosing the right device for your specific vaping needs. 

When disposables were first introduced in the market, they captured the vaping world by storm. With the growing demand for prefilled vapes by the customer, could disposable vapes vanish from the top spots? Let us consider these two types of vapes into the ring and settle this once and for all. 

Whether you are giving importance to convenience, customization, or cost-effectiveness, we will explore the features of disposable, prefilled, and refillable vapes to guide you in finding a vaping solution that suits your personal choice. So, dive into the world of vaping devices and discover other options that match your vaping style and requirements.

Considering the Meaning of Disposable Vapes:

Disposable vapes are compact, one-time-use cigarette devices that come with prefilled vape juices with charged batteries. They are designed for convenience and simplicity by making them an accessible option for beginners on the go. These components are housed in an outer casing to create a single-use vape, which is thrown off once the battery runs out. There are different flavour shapes and sizes created by various brands. Names of some popular brands are Lost Mary, I Vape Great, and Happy Vibes Twist.

Understanding Prefilled Vaping System:

The next thing is to claim that the vaping is the prefilled pods. A prefilled pod system consists of a rechargeable battery with a separate pod cartridge, which can be used to prefill vape cartridges with e-liquid. The e-liquid inside a vaping pod is actually a Nic salt formulation or a Nic salts blend. Slot the prefilled pot into the battery and vape until the e-liquid runs out.

Once this happens, you can simply dispose of the pod and put a fresh one into the battery. The battery of the prefilled vape pod is rechargeable, meaning it is kept and not disposed of. These vapes come in various sizes, shapes, and specifications. Prefilled vapes include brands like Lost Mary Tappo and the VLTZ Flex.

Prefilled Vape Pods Tastes Better Than Disposables:

In terms of flavour, prefilled vapes and disposable vapes provide a very similar experience. The e-liquid vape within the pods is often the same formulation as the e-liquid within the respective disposable vape counterpart. The type of battery and atomizer coil material can have a bearing on the flavour experience. 

Rechargeable batteries can function using different outer parts than disposable batteries. If a rechargeable battery uses direct output, the power decreases as the battery charges run down. This decreases the power as the battery charge runs down.

Various Pros and Cons of Disposable Vapes:

Disposable vapes offer various pros and cons, and they offer several advantages that make them a popular choice for many vapers. Here are some points to consider:


  • Disposable vapes are convenient for first-time vapers. You can make use of the SKE Crystal Bar, which comes pre-filled with e-liquid and is ready to use out of the box.
  • To get a compatible and refreshing option, you can go for the blackcurrant menthol flavour for I Vape Great.
  • There are various flavours available for disposable vapes. For instance, there are many flavours of Happy Vibes, such as blueberry sour raspberry, kiwi passionate guava, watermelon ice, and lemon and lime.


  • Disposable vape pens have limited use and a single lifespan. 
  • These vapes are expensive as compared to other vaping options.
  • Have limited battery life as compared to rechargeable devices.

Thinking About Pros and Cons of Prefilled Vapes:

Prefilled vapes are a sweet spot in the case of vaping solutions. You can consider the following: 


  • The expense of vaping over time is reduced with reusable batteries.
  • Produces less garbage as compared to disposables.
  • Greater choice when it comes to flavours and nicotine levels than with disposables.
  • Adjustments to power output or airflow are possible with certain pod systems.


  • Occasionally, its pods need to be replaced and charged.
  • Less individualized than atomizers that can be rebuilt.

Final Thought About Disposable and Prefilled Vapes:

This blog is mainly focused on the difference between disposable and prefilled vapes. It is important to address which one is right for you. If you are looking to save cash, then you should go for a prefilled vape pod. The same thing works for the potential environmental impact of single-use vapes. 

Prefilled vapes can surely minimise waste. But if you do not want the hassle of having to recharge, then go for disposable vapes. You can select any flavour and battery choice that fits your preference with a variety of Astro Vape collections. Choose one of the best vape devices for your vaping habits, budgets, and desired level of control before making any choice.

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