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Head Shot

18mg Nicotine Shot by Headshot (High VG) | astrovape

18mg Nicotine Shot by Headshot (High VG) | astrovape

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Nicotine Strength

Headshot's 18mg Nicotine Shot is a pure VG formulation, perfect for enhancing the nicotine content of your favourite shortfill E-liquids. Easily mixable, it seamlessly integrates with 0mg E-liquids, offering flexibility in nicotine strength.


  • 18mg Nicotine Strength
  • 100% VG Composition
  • Unflavoured


  • Designed for use with shortfill E-liquids
  • Increases nicotine content without altering flavour
  • Various mixing options for desired nicotine strength


  • Headshot's 18mg Nicotine Shot is crafted to meet the needs of vapers seeking a seamless nicotine boost for their shortfill E-liquids.
  • With its 100% VG composition, it ensures a smooth vaping experience without compromising on flavour.
  • Mixing options offer flexibility, allowing users to tailor their nicotine strength according to preference.
  • Elevate your vaping experience with Headshot's reliable and versatile Nicotine Shot.
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